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Get Started

Prior to starting any Robinson Fitness training plan, please send an email for the client questionnaire and waiver at The questionnaire asks for a wealth of information about the rider in order to ensure that progress towards the rider's goals is made in a healthy and safe manner. All information provided is kept strictly confidential. A consultation phone call and/or Skype/FaceTime session may be requested by a coach for additional information.

All training plans require a free TrainingPeaks account which allows you to access your training plan from anywhere (including your smart phone) and allows your coach to get feedback and training data through this platform so they can best serve you.

Plans and services can vary depending on the needs of the athlete. We work diligently to make high quality BMX training affordable and keep costs low for riders and their families, so please contact us for pricing.

Our Services

Robinson Fitness is happy to provide a wide variety of services to meet your needs. Services can be created or customized to meet your individual needs, so please feel free to contact us with your request.


This can be an in person or phone/Skype/Facetime evaluation of bike and strength training, nutrition and overall training program. A coach will provide a general analysis and training ideas. These consultations are one hour in length.

Weekly Training Plans (Customized through TrainingPeaks)

Weekly Training Plans can be customized with individualized workouts to focus on the rider's specific goals and race and practice schedules. Weekly plans include remote coaching (Multiple coach contacts throughout the week through email, call, text or Skype/FaceTime) and race day contacts/motivation and video analysis.

General Training Plans (Through TrainingPeaks)

BMX Basics –4 weeks with minimal equipment - This plan can be done at home or at a gym with resistance bands, a jump rope, plyometric box and a bicycle trainer or rollers. The plan also includes weekly contact from a coach and analysis of metrics. Ideal for riders under the age of 14.

BMX Power – 4 weeks – This plan requires access to a significant amount of weight (I.E. adjustable dumbbells) or gym membership with access to a plyometric box, squat rack, and stationary bicycle, trainer or rollers. The plan also includes weekly contact from a coach and analysis of metrics. Ideal for riders 14+ with access to a gym facility.

Remote Coaching

We will provide communication in regards to training and make basic recommendations. This can be combined with our training plans or for riders who just need extra accountability. Remote coaching is designed to meet the needs of the rider and can be weekly, bi-weekly, or for race day preparation and motivation.

Video Analysis

We will analyze videos of race and/or practice and provide feedback on techniques and skills to address the concern of the rider.

General Clinics and Camps

We provide general clinics and camps for all ages and skill levels throughout the year. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook Page for updates! If you are a track interested in setting up a clinic or camp, please contact us at to discuss details and scheduling.

One-on-One Sessions

One-on-One Coaching Sessions are currently available for the following locations: Indy Cycloplex, Columbus BMX, Steel Wheels BMX, Hire Park BMX, and Derby City BMX. Please note that an additional travel fee does apply to any location except for Indy Cycloplex. Our schedules fill quickly once the outdoor season starts, so be sure to contact a coach today to reserve your time for the summer. Priority will be given to clients requesting weekly sessions.

Small Group and Team Clinics

Interested in getting training for your team? Contact us today to set up a Team Clinic. Not only will we provide BMX coaching, but we can also customize a schedule to include team building activities.